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We are members of the large consortium that started work in the project SUSTAINEXT is the first flagship project funded by the Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking (CBE JU) that aims to revolutionize the botanical extracts industry with a unique model that can then be replicated by the European bio-based industry. This pioneering 54-month project started with a kick-off meeting on 13 June 2023 in Hervás (Extremadura, Spain).

The main goal of the SUSTAINEXT project is to industrially deploy 20,000 metric tons of a versatile, multi-product, digital biorefinery to move towards a more competitive bio-industry of botanical extracts. This circular and disruptive model is based on the DYANA concept, i.e. an intelligent, dynamic and analytical biorefinery that integrates the entire supply chain, and enables feedstock valorization based on the initial feedstock composition, to deliver maximum value with the twin goals of zero waste and zero emissions.

ECODESIGN leads the sustainability evaluations using life cycle assessment of the botanical active compounds, extracted from olive, rosmarin, chamomile, pomegranate, verbena, artichoke, echinacea, and thistle, to be extracted in the dynamic bio-refinery of the partner NATAC in Extremadura (Spain).

These extracts are valuable inputs for the food suplement, animal feed, and pharma industries. The kick-off meeting last June 2023 marks the start for this ambitious and unique project for us. See the full press release here.

Picture: © Sustainext


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