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Vocational education and training (VET) in Slovakia and the Czech Republic are undergoing significant changes. The VET framework shall support both, apprentices and training organizations, in aligning their knowledge, skills, and competences, and in having the conditions to mutually benefit from the VET scheme. In the long term DVET should support the development of a qualified labour force for SMEs, especially in the fields of energy and electrical engineering fields. The project EDES “Enhancing Dual Education System in SME” is supported through Erasmus + and aims at bridging the mismatch between fundamental and cross-cutting skills, by proposing measures to improve the quality of the institutions involved in the dual education system, and developing a methodology and a training course for instructors already involved or to be engaged in the vocational education process, to prepare future apprentices for their professions. In the framework of the EDES project, the participating organizations shall benefit from the knowledge and experiences available from countries like Austria, where the DVET is well established and has a long tradition. The ECODESIGN company GmbH is partner in this project, together with: EkoFond, n.f. in Bratislava. State Institute for Vocational Education (ŠIOV). Integrated Upper Secondary School Sokolnice. Chamber of Commerce of the South Moravian Region.

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