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With ECODESIGN+, we offer you a web-based tool for calculating and improving the PCF.

ECODESIGN+ is a web application for calculating and improving the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF). The software follows a life cycle approach and enables reliable decisions to be made early on in the product development process – even though often not all the data is known and defined yet.

The environmental profile achieved by a product is displayed in real time. The visualisation by means of diagrams and contribution analyses with details down to the individual components and assemblies, as well as the identification of relevant design measures, make ECODESIGN+ an indispensable tool for implementing Ecodesign in product development.

We model your product with ECODESIGN+ and you continue to work with it and improve the PCF.

You are planning a new product or a new product model and would like to take the environmental impact into account during product development. With ECODESIGN+, we will be happy to create a model for you that shows you all the details of your product’s carbon footprint and shows you how you can improve your product.

As ECODESIGN+ is a web application, we can hand over the product model to you once we have completed the modelling and you can continue to use it and quickly calculate the environmental impact of possible improvements.

Calculate and communicate the PCF

ECODESIGN+ enables product developers, designers, technical experts and students to calculate, understand, compare, improve and communicate the product carbon footprint of products. The comprehensive environmental database Ecoinvent and established procedures for complete life cycle assessment (ISO 14040/44) are used for the calculations.

In an easy-to-understand overview on one page, you will find all the results, the total PCF, how this is broken down into the life cycle phases and which components and product parts have the largest share.

Reduce the PCF using Ecodesign checklists

Product developers in particular benefit from the extensive functions of ECODESIGN+. This includes evaluating the environmental performance of the current product design, similar products or variants.

ECODESIGN + proposes targeted strategies and specific Ecodesign measures based on the environmental assessment so that you can implement improvements in the development process.

Compare the PCF of product variants

The variant comparison function allows you to copy the created product model and create a variant in the copy, which can be used to check possible design changes for their environmental impact long before they are actually implemented. With this what-if view, you can quickly arrive at a new, improved environmental performance of the product to be developed.

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demo user license
basic functionality
limited database
incl. an example case study


half year
single user license
full functionality
full database
share models with other users
customizable upon request
*solely for business customers, net price, without VAT


admin & tutor license(s)
20 student accounts (expandable)
full functionality
full database
publish examples
review & edit all student work
remote access and full control
*solely for education institutions, net price, without VAT // for a larger number of accounts, we will be able to customise the offer

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