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Every step towards zero-waste shopping means a contribution to preserving resources and supporting the environment. That’s why we at ECODESIGN have developed Fillfree. Fillfree is a smart system for zero-waste shopping conceived for the food retail sector, especially for handling dry foods and their mixtures.

The system includes an innovative process for taring, filling, weighing, labeling and payment.

It allows the filling of containers brought along, which are tared once and provided with an intelligent, rewritable RFID tag. A unique assignment of the filled product is stored on the tag, and it is also possible to mix different products in one container and then settle them individually. This makes the purchasing process simple and secure.

The optimized shopping experience is hygienic, safe and simple for consumers, giving them the opportunity to choose packaging-free goods and reduce packaging waste. Fillfree brings numerous benefits with its attractive design, easy cleaning, low maintenance and convenient in-store reloading of bulk containers. More flexibility, convenience and positive effects!

The system is available in three variations: the “Double deck”; the “Ergonomic” and the “Adaption”.

Are you ready to bring the future of zero waste shopping forward? Contact us: or: +43 1 40 35 611 – 30

Picture: © Benjamin Brunner