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Less! aims to develop sustainable service designs. To this end, experts from the fields of social design, sustainability consulting, environmental assessment and marketing & sales are working together.

Less! aims to develop sustainable service designs. Within the project, experts from different fields such as social design, sustainability consultancy, environmental assessment as well as marketing and sales, worked together on a strategy to improve the existing business model and to provide innovative and resource friendly services. The prototype of the project was carried out with the bakery chain “Felzl” in Vienna, where the main objective was to reduce product and production wastes as much as possible. The aim is to find alternatives to existing business models in the form of innovative, resource-saving services. Results included a new bakery product and the implementation of a new sales concept for off duty times.

Project management: Kathrina Dankl
Project partners: Horst Felzl, Thomas Hruschka and Wolfgang Wimmer.
Project staff: Andrea Lunzer and Angie Rattay.

The Less! project is being realized with the support of departure and the Vienna Business Agency.