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The ECODESIGN company GmbH is one of the thirteen partners in the H2020 project CO2 Fokus.

The CO2Fokus project aims to realise the full potential of a number of strategies to exploit the direct use of CO2 for the production of dimethyl ether (DME) by CO2 hydrogenation. With CO2 utilisation at its heart, CO2 Fokus will seek to exploit the inherent advantages of both chemical and electrochemical systems to establish robust, industrially optimal proofs-of-concept.

The project will explore energy efficient processes for two separate, potentially integrated systems, namely a 3D printed multichannel reactor, and a solid oxide fuel cell (for co-electrolysis and electrolysis/reverse operation).

The CO2Fokus systems will be evaluated for operational flexibility in an industrial environment with a CO2 emission point source. The central focus will be on producing tangible improvements to the industrial processes in terms of energy efficiency and cost saving, by optimising the most promising conventional catalyst systems as well as innovative carbon-based ones.

The ECODESIGN team leads the life cycle assessment work and collaborates with partners along the industrial value chain, from industrial CO2 emitters to experts in catalyst production and petrochemical process engineering to chemical and fuel cell specialists. The project was launched in July 2019 and was finished by the end of 2023.


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