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ECODESIGN completed a Life Cycle Assessment of the insulation boards from the company Naporo Klima Dämmstoff GmbH in 2023. With this LCA report the successful re-certification for the Austrian Eco-label was achieved!

Austrian Ecolabel for thermal insulation board made from hemp fiber

The company Naporo Klima Dämmstoff GmbH is a leader in the production of insulation boards of renewable hemp and flax fibers, made in Auggenthal, Austria. The ECODESIGN company completed the Life Cycle Assessment according to the ISO 14040/44 and EN15804 standards, as well as following the requirements of the category UZ44 of the Austrian Eco-Label.

This LCA evaluates the current environmental aspects and impact of the production of the insulation boards. The LCA model describes and quantifies the specific inventory and impact indicators for the production processes and the regional supply chain of Naporo. The Life Cycle Assessment report was provided to an external third-party expert for the independent verification.

Finally, the re-certification of Naporo´s insulation boards with the Austrian Eco-label was achieved in April 2023. This important certification serves as environmental information instrument targeted to the construction sector, providing visibility to the producer and transparency to the end-users.