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Environmental assessment

We calculate the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) or a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for your products.

We analyse products and services from an environmental perspective – from simple assessments to fully-fledged life cycle assessments covering the entire product life cycle and taking into account the relevant PCRs.

We would be happy to discuss with you in person which assessment method best suits your objectives. With the right indicators, you will quickly recognise where the potential for improvement lies. The standardised methodology ensures maximum objectivity and traceability and offers completely new insights into your product.

Using an environmental assessment, you clearly see the “environmental hotspots” of your product and can selectively optimize product improvement. You get an objective and standardized evaluation that you can communicate. You get the opportunity to look at your product in a completely new way and use this for further development.

The entire product life cycle is considered in the environmental assessment of a product, starting from raw material extraction, over production, distribution and use, to its final stage or end of life. The complete and detailed product study is called LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) and is performed according to ISO 14040 and ISO14044 standards using recognized indicators such as Global warming potential (GWP), Cumulative energy demand (CED), Abiotic resources depletion (ADP), water consumption, etc.

Depending on the project we use different analysis tools. For a comprehensive LCA, we use licensed software solution. For the calculation of Product Carbon Footprints (CO2 footprint), we use our own software ECODESIGN+. We developed the ECODESIGN+ with product developers in mind, so that already during the product development process they get the information they need for improving the products. The latest environmental databases from ecoinvent are incorporated in both software tools.

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