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You want to launch a new product on the market and do the things right from the beginning - you look for a partner who can help you with Ecodesign.

As a start-up you would like to bring products onto the market and want to get it right from the beginning. You like to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Your products and services should be eco-intelligent and you are looking for ways to integrate environmental aspects and resource aspects. As company founder and developer of a new product, you have to consider many aspects at once. For the consideration of environmental aspects we can help you with our customized offer.


Our offer consists of a short two-hour workshop in which we identify the three most important environmental aspects of your product. We model your first prototype with our software ECODESIGN+ and show you how to reduce the Product Carbon Footprint of your product.

You will get an ECODESIGN+ license for six months and can evaluate possible improvement options with the software. This knowledge and evaluation tool will help you in your decisions in product development and you with that you are already on the way to an eco-intelligent product.

Let´s start together!

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