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Workshops and Training

We impart knowledge and methods to integrate ecodesign into your company and your product development process.

Would you like to anchor ecodesign expertise or the path to eco-intelligent products in your own company? Or would you like to gain a foothold in the circular economy with circular products?
Our training courses range from specialist lectures to in-house workshops lasting several days. In addition to face-to-face events, we also offer well-established online courses for learning about the topic.

You will receive well-founded knowledge at first hand – our managing director, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wimmer, is active in basic research and has built up the research area for ecodesign and has written the following standard works on the subject:

The content is about raising awareness of the environment, energy, sustainability and climate change. This is followed by the actual methodical procedure for developing eco-intelligent products (stakeholder analysis, life cycle assessment, etc.) and reference examples of realized product improvements are presented.

What has been learned is applied directly to product examples. For example, a product carbon footprint is calculated using the ECODESIGN+ software and specific product improvements are derived.

The possibilities for environmental communication are demonstrated: energy efficiency label, CO2 footprint, product environmental declaration and others.

In the sense of a circular economy, new business models are also discussed alongside product development, which then enable the potential for reuse or the return of parts and components to production.

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