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Product development

We support you in realizing circular and environmentally sound products.

We are an experienced partner for the implementation of eco-design. From electromobility to beekeeping products, we design eco-intelligent solutions.

We specialize in product development and environmental assessment. We support you in analyzing the current situation, identifying potential for improvement and guiding you through the innovation process to develop eco-intelligent products. This opens up new market perspectives, leads to cost savings through increased efficiency and enables legal certainty through compliance with new directives (e.g. ESPR).

We have extensive expertise and versatile tools for product development. We are active in all “maturity stages” of product development and are happy to be your specialized, competent partner – from the first hand-drawn sketch to concept development, CAD design, finite element calculation, thermography, measurement technology and the creation of technical documentation through to the prototype. We are well connected with the respective specialist disciplines of research at TU Wien and offer a wide range of know-how and project experience in a well-coordinated team and with the help of our partner network.

The service life, dismantling and reuse of parts are key aspects of our product development expertise, which means we actively contribute to recyclable products and the circular economy. We are happy to support you in the practical implementation and answer specific questions in product development.

Whether you are a start-up or an established company, we take on dedicated product development tasks for you and are your competent and specialized partner in the development process.

We use our environmental expertise to guide our customers through the innovation process and continuously evaluate planned changes with the aim of achieving eco-intelligent products in the end.

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