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ECODESIGN at the 2024 LCA Workshop of CCUS projects

This workshop will take place online on March 7th, 2024 and will engage 3 well known LCA keynote speakers as well as experts presenting the LCA work from 11 EU funded projects, at different stages of progress and technology maturity. Dr Adriana Díaz will present the approach and main results … Continued

ECODESIGN presented at the Final CO2Fokus Conference!

As CO2Fokus comes to its end, the partners work on the final validation of the pilot plant. ECODESIGN presented selected results of the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), completed for the overall process at TRL6. These results give insights into the environmental aspects and impacts, and highlight process parameters and scenarios to improve when scaling up the technology.

Vespa velutina

Technical guide about the Asian hornet in four languages! Our technical guide for the Monitoring, control and prevention of the invasive Asian hornet Vespa velutina, is available now in German, Slovak, English and French!   With the recent (2023), confirmed reports of Asian hornets found for the first time in Hungary and the Czech … Continued